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About Mayland Group
Established in 1999, Mayland Group has always adhered to the brand philosophy—“Create quality lifestyles with classic works”. Expanding from a single business to diversified industries, and from residential development to urban operations, the group has leveraged its own quality resources in residential development and other related fields, to transform its way of thinking, and has developed an international vision in its pursuit of diversified development in six sectors: Mayland Residence, Mayland Culture Tourism, Mayland Commerce, Mayland Innovation, Mayland Agriculture and Mayland Health.
Building an eternal foundation with sincerity
Based on its new positioning of “Quality Service Provider”, Mayland Group continued to enhance its grand vision with insight, integrity and intrepidity,and  laid out a forward-looking blueprint. It is dedicated to developing residential and cultural properties and tourism, is focused on agriculture as a key strategic sector, and is developing commerce, hotels, and property and construction industries. The Group is also exploring and investing in education, healthcare, internet technology, and industry and finance, and remains committed to building a robust “all-around quality-life chain”.

Serve humanity and pursue perfection, Mayland Group is committed to creating a better life experience and providing more people-centric services to hundreds of millions of families in China, making it into an enterprise with humanism and a great city builder.

“Building an eternal foundation with sincerity”, Mayland, with you forever.
Quality Lifestyle Service Provider

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