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Chairman’s Address
“With You Forever” is our commitment to this age and society.
A piece of paper is transformed into a painting because it is an art in our eyes. A house becomes a home because you have love in our heart. Architecture comes alive because Mayland people are doing their job with all our heart.

While I in the United States, during the course of making some investments, I came across the development concept "A City of Life" in Reston, which inspired me profoundly. Since then I’ve never stopped thinking about building our own “A City of Life”. Adhering to the idea of “creating a closer relationship between people, providing harmonious development for people and society, and integrating people with nature”, I managed to develop several premium housing projects after returning to China. While most developers are expanding crazily, Mayland Group is dedicated to building Mayland City, "A City of Life"  in China.
By comprehensively analyzing consumer demand for quality life, we have built a close connection between the brand and the consumer, and delving into the needs for habitation and the development trend of lifestyle. By designing the most ingenious products and creating a better life for people, we are determined to becoming a "Quality Service Provider".
“Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.” Mayland people are actively exploring trends and opportunities, and helping the company diversify from being just a residential real estate developer. Boldly attempting new things, Mayland people have created classic legends in the industry, and with their enthusiasm for life, have implanted the philosophy of quality life into each of our products and services. Keeping pace with the times and abiding by national policies, Mayland people have helped us become the great success we are today.
I send my sincerest gratitude to our customers, employees and partners for staying with us and bearing witness to Mayland’s accomplishments. Experience is only the starting point for tomorrow. Time will record all achievements. I’m just a bold explorer, and the future and glory of Mayland belongs to you!

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