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Maland Group is committed to creating an ultimate destination of culture & travel life to ensure the perfect integration of vacation and local culture. By connecting travelling among people, it brings something more than beautiful views to a journey, blends into the experience of local life and customs, and helps build a new city culture.
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Mayland Lijiang Silk Road Dreams Town
A Different World, A New Life, In Lijiang
The biggest comprehensive cultural tourism destination in Lijiang
The key construction project of the province, city and county
Dedicated to creating a new postcard for Lijiang.
Snow mountain and hot spring, the city of life

A resort town integrating snow mountain, hot spring and mountain lake.
Integrating the beauty of nature and humanity
Integrating the elegance of traditional Naxi nationality and modern tourism culture
A small town integrating leisure, vacation, health maintenance, food, shopping, culture and art, entertainment and performance, meeting and residence.
Reshaping the lifestyle in Lijiang
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