Yearbook of Mayland Group
  • 2019
    Commenced 1st phase construction of Mayland Watertown in Lijiang
    Mayland M•LIVE Plaza Global Business Cooperation Brand Strategy launched
  • 2018
    Mayland Group’s brand upgraded with new positioning as “Quality Service Provider”.
    Group’s headquarters shifted to Mayland Building in the CBD of Guangzhou
    Won the “Special Contribution Enterprise at the 40th Anniversary of Guangdong’s Reform and Opening-up” and “2018 Guangdong Province Real Estate Targeted Poverty Alleviation Enterprise with Outstanding Contribution” awards
    Group CEO Gordon Liu honored as “New Leading Figure at the 40th Anniversary of Guangdong’s Reform and Opening-up”
    Group CEO Gordon Liu appointed as the “Founder and Executive President of Youth Committee of Guangdong Real Estate Chamber of Commerce.
  • 2017
    Guangzhou CANVAS Innovation Space established
    Mayland M•LIVE Plaza launched
  • 2016
    Pioneered Mixed ownership system reform in Guangzhou, working with Pearl River Enterprises Group
  • 2015
    Won the “Corporate Social Responsibility Public Welfare Model Award”
  • 2014
    Qingyuan Guzhen Camellia Oil Development Co., Ltd. established
    Won the Most Influential Brand Award in 2014
  • 2013
    Mayland Group entered Central China Region
  • 2007-2012
    Won the “Most Growth Brand of China Real Estate ”, “Habitat Environment Construction Contribution Enterprise in China”, and “Top 10 Brand of China Real Estate”
    Group Chairman Liu Yuanbing was named “Most Influential Person in China’s Real Estate Industry”.
  • 2000-2006
    Mayland Coast Garden, Mayland Bo’an and Mayland Lakeside Garden developed
    Won the “Outstanding Enterprise in China”
  • 1999
    Mayland New Haoting and Nanhang Garden developed
    Established the Group’s strategy for creating quality residential environment
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