IndustryMayland Commerce
Mayland Group innovates service experience, so that community experience and innovation will integrate with each other. In addition to shopping, there is also fashion, cultural charm and social scene to upgrade commerce and sociality.
Quality service provider

Mayland M·LIVE Plaza
New landmark, new experience, new center
The first stop of Eastward Strategy and the second CBD core zone;
Double subway cover, double main road and core of multiple bus networks;
The eastern commercial engine, a complex covering 280,000m2.
A comprehensive project integrating new retail, new technology, new experience, business incubation, venture capital, and innovation services
Building an innovative ecosystem of “living and working in peace and contentment”
Creating a new world of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, where residential function, leisure and entertainment, culture creativity and business prosperity coexist harmoniously
Mayland Resort
Pure hot spring, naturally nourished from a depth of 2,808 meters;
A multi-functional resort hotel covering an area of 100,000m2 and providing pure hot spring from the earth’s core with health nourishing;
For health & recreation, vacation and business.
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