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Mayland Group has been practicing green ecology, advocating green and healthy life, connecting green and health with quality care. From environmental protection to human health, the whole industrial chain makes green, healthy and quality life possible and delivers a sustainable and ecological space that allows interaction between nature and humanity.
Quality service provider

Guzhen Camellia Oil
Ecological enterprise creates healthy life
Mainly engaged in technology research and development of agriculture and forestry planting, and production of high-quality edible oil across the industry chain.
Cooperate with South China Agricultural University and Guangdong Academy of Forestry
Focus on scientific research and development of woody vegetable oils from deep mountains
Natural fruit tea, natural oil, supercritical CO₂ extraction, precision purification, and advanced technology.
At present, 6 planting demonstration bases of camellia oleifera have been built
Mainly distributed in Huadu of Guangzhou, Qingyuan, Shaoguan, Zhaoqing, Maoming and Heyuan.
Green pig industry
Wei Kang Born Healthy Life
Operating “Weikang Pig” as the principal brand, it’s the first company in China to adopt modern pig breeding from the United States, also a modern and advanced agricultural enterprise that introduces foreign standardized breeding equipment and management system and produces high-quality and healthy “green food”.
Natural tea tree oil
As a partner of South China University of Technology, it provides tea tree essential oil for domestic enterprises of different fields including skin health care products, cosmetics, food, drugs and so on based on the strategy of “introducing, breeding, planting and refining” across the industrial chain.
Ecological garden
The company develops modern large-scale metropolitan agriculture and provides a space environment of efficient agriculture and popularized education, as well as a new type of green industry model to adjust the agricultural structure. It cooperates with China Flower Association, South China University of Science and Technology, South China Agricultural University, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Guangdong Bonsai Association and other scientific research institutes to provide technical assistance in production, sales and management of seedlings of the base.
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