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Training development
Mayland Business School
Cultural inheritance
The Business School shoulders the responsibility of carrying forward Mayland's corporate culture and refining the cultural essence of excellence pursued by Mayland people. It aims to build a ready-for-battle “iron army” through diversified and comprehensive publicity.
  • Stay hungry for knowledge
    A learning-oriented company
    Mayland is committed to become a learning-oriented company. Mayland established the Business School in May 2014, and it launches more than a 100 training courses every year, to develop and foster high-caliber middle and high-level personnel who can meet the needs of different enterprises and industries.
  • Senior lecturers
    Senior lecturers
    The Business School has a strong team of accredited lecturers, including senior business managers and directors of various functional departments. The Business School systematically carries out TTT training to share expertise and experience with each member of Mayland.
  • Professional courses
    Professional courses
    The Business School has 100+ accredited courses covering professional skills, general management and cultural publicity of all functional departments, and is developing new courses to enhance the application range.
  • External training
    External training
    The Business School provides several opportunities for Mayland's outstanding employees, key employees and accredited internal lecturers to receive external training, so as to enrich their knowledge and enhance their comprehensive capabilities and competitiveness.
  • Evaluation system
    Evaluation system
    To tap the potential of Mayland employees, the Business School cooperates with well-known domestic evaluation companies to implement comprehensive and professional evaluation systems for employees.
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